Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life Has Still Been Happening

With all the adoption hub-ub, I have been completely negligent in posting about what else is going on in our lives.  And a lot has been happening, it's just been that there is this huge other exciting thing called adoption that tend to overshadow my thoughts.  So for the sake of my girls and our family memories, here is the non-adoption happenings of the last, oh, twoish months.

Evelyn discovered the joys of chocolate milk after I discovered how to make our own chocolate syrup that I could be ok with her consuming.  Life is that much more complete in her world.


I told you these were old pictures...

We had a fabulous Easter.  It's one of my favorite holidays and one that we have decided to always celebrate at home.  We started the morning with Scott reading the Easter story.

The I started a baking and cooking extravaganza.  I tend to overcook a bit.  By a bit, I mean we ate Easter food for over a week.

We celebrated by hosting a brunch for some friends.

And then the 3rd annual Easter egg hunt began.

And I got made fun of for stuffing the eggs with things like raisins...

Yes, we all match.  And I like it.

This one stuffed her face and figured out which few eggs had m&m's in them.

Aunt Mandy came to visit that afternoon and spent a couple days with us.

Aunts are so much fun.

Later that week Scott's older sister and her family came to stay for a night as well.  Again.  Aunts are fun.

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather with trips to the park.  Evelyn wanted braids like her friend Julia.

And Bella wanted to touch the geese and carry around a calculator.

Hi my little almost 2-year-old.  You are getting awfully ornery.

Hi my 3 and a half year old, you are growing so fast and have the most amazing imagination.

Evelyn holds her pants up while she runs.  That child has no backside.  

No backside, and no fear.

The neighbor girls have become fast favorites for our girls.  They are so much fun.  Here they are helping the girls pick mulberries from the tree that hangs over the fence.

We made a 3-day trip up to Iowa to celebrate both of my sisters' birthdays, my brother-in-law's graduation from college, and our nephew's confirmation.  Here's part of Scott's side of the family.

And then this happened.  This is Evelyn with one of her best friends.  They got into a wee bit of trouble with a hose and patch of dirt.

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  1. Mom/grandma CindyMay 30, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    Annabelle may be taking after Grandpa John (with the calculator). As far as the pants falling down...if she should ever get a little bottom that helps her hold her pants up, don't ever tell her. Just sayin'.