Friday, June 1, 2012

The Waiting Place

That's where we are. 

It's this strange, surreal place where you are waiting for a woman to go into labor.  Labor that will send your whole world into a crazy, amazing, and life-altering upheaval. 

It's a hard place to be in though.  I've found my general anxiety level is higher than usual right now.  I can't really plan anything other than for the next day.  I hardly even want to do a big grocery shopping trip better yet make plans for the weekend.

In the long run it will be a really good thing.  He's only 35 weeks gestation right now, so every day he can spend on the inside is extremely beneficial to him.  We just didn't think he would stay in this long, so it's getting really hard to be patient! 

Meanwhile, I'm half packed in a couple suitcases, constantly checking flight schedules, doing laundry every few days, and attempting to keep the house "ready to go out of town" clean (this is laughable if you know me very well). 

I'm not a patient person.  Lord, help me.


  1. I like to say, if you think you're a patient person, adopt. Everything you thought you ever knew about patience will be shot to hell.

    Hang in there, friend! This will all be over in what feels like no time. :)

  2. Yes, and your labor will be just as hard, if not more so, in adoption! See you soon. Linda Boe'