Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Night in the Life of the Behrens

We're having a rough week around here.

It started on Wednesday when Evelyn ate a chip that was cooked in sunflower oil. A single chip. She was up 8 times in the night that night. Yep, 8 times because of a single chip.

The next evening she was rough-housing with Scott and fell on her arm. She was in a lot of pain with it, so we called the nurse at urgent care. She recommended just giving her some pain reliever, putting ice on it, and having her rest, then see how she was doing in the morning. We decided that in the morning we wouldn't ask her about it or anything, just see how she acted. She woke up at 10:00 p.m. and spent most of the night with Scott sleeping in the recliner because she sobbed and cried "owie" if you left her alone.

Friday night was also rough with Evelyn waking up multiple times in pain and Annabelle deciding to sleep poorly as well.

Last night I decided to actually pay attention to the time when we woke up in the night to get an idea of how she was really doing. Here's a run down of our night.

8:00 - both girls went to bed
11:00 - I went to bed
11:30 - Evelyn wakes up crying and needs comforted back to sleep
12:30 - Scott came to bed after being out with a friend for his birthday
2:30 - Annabelle wakes up to eat
3:30 - Evelyn wakes up
4:00 - Evelyn wakes up
4:30 - Evelyn wakes up and won't calm down or go back to sleep. She's ready for another dose of pain medicine, so we give her that and after spending some time on daddy's shoulder, she falls back to sleep.
6:00 - Annabelle wakes up to eat
6:15 - I hear squeals of delight coming from the nursery
6:20 - The squeals turn to cries so I go feed Annabelle again to put her back to sleep
6:35 - More delightful squeals are heard and she doesn't want to go back to sleep
7:37 - Annabelle goes down for a nap
7:38 - I go back to bed
7:40 - Evelyn wakes up
8:00 - I give up and tell Scott I need to trade
8:15 - Annabelle wakes up

For Halloween Scott and I are being zombies. No costume needed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tummy Time

Annabelle has very little patience for laying on her tummy when she's awake, but I did convince her to try it out for a little while this afternoon. She's getting so big!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Monkies


Scott was hanging out with Annabelle when she started to get fussy. She went after what she was looking for, but was quite disappointed when she didn't get the result she wanted.

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we took Evelyn and Annabelle to the pumpkin patch for the first time. Evelyn loved it! Annabelle wasn't a fan of how sunny it was.

Yes, she's waving at people. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2 Years Old!

My dear, sweet Evelyn is a 2-year-old. She turned 2 last month, but I'm a little late in posting because I was waiting to get these pictures of her.

She now weighs almost 23 lbs. This is a big weight gain for her that happened once we figured out some foods she is allergic/sensitive to including gluten and sunflower. Once we took those out of her diet, she quickly put on a few pounds!

Favorite Things...
How she says things is in parenthesis

Books: The Foot Book, What's Up Duck (Loud book), Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse (Neigh-neigh book), The Jesus Book (she-she book)

Animals: ducks (duh), geese (gee), horses (neigh-neigh), dogs (dah or puppy), cats (titty-tat)

Activities: Playing outside pushing her stroller or wagon, going to the park (swing slide), playing with duplos, reading, cooking in her play kitchen, playing in the sink with the water, cleaning-she dusts, vacuums, and mops, being mommy to her baby dolls

Foods: Meat and ketchup (meat-meat and chechup), french fries, carrots, bananas, berries, almonds, raisins, and plantain chips

Other New Things about our Cutie

Potty-training! She is mostly potty trained, except when chooses not to be.

She knows her colors and loves to tell you what color things are.

She has reached the "why?" phase. I get asked it at least 100 times a day. We are working on her not asking why when she is given a direct instruction, but instead saying "Ok, mommy". She's starting to catch on.

She's still taking one nap a day around 1:00. She goes to bed at 8:00 at night and wakes up anytime between 6:00-8:00 in the morning.

She is obsessed with flies when they get in the house. She wants them instantly swatted.

She can be very demanding about how she wants things and we are working on teaching her that she does not control everything, and that that's ok! She will tell you where she wants you to sit, which fork she wants to eat with, what assortment of stuffed animals and dolls she wants to sleep with, what Annabelle should be doing while she's awake, etc.

She has started saying, "I no like that" when we give her things to eat that don't look like something she is used to eating.

Whenever someone leaves the room or isn't around when she expects them to be, she will ask, "Where _____ go?"

There are so many wonderful things about her and her love of life. She is definitely a challenge for me each day, but her smile always warms my heart and brings me so much joy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 Weeks

My sweet little Annabelle is 8 weeks old!

She brings so much joy to our lives everyday.