Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Malachi - 6 Months

My baby!  He's so big!

Daddy and Abe are his favorites.  These brothers are already becoming the best of friends.  Abe will try to drag him all over the house if I'm not looking.

Really, he's so big.  Like... 20 pounds, 28 inches long, 95th percentile big.  And I love all his squishy goodness.

He's also getting so busy.  He's incredibly close to crawling.  He can scoot himself backward, get in the crawling position, and does killer planks.

This is a rare photo of him trying to sit.  Don't ask him to sit up.  Its not his thing.

His exersaucer is one of his favorite activities.  He will jump endlessly in that thing. 

He sleeps like a dream.  12-13 hours a night and 2 naps a day.

On his 6 month birthday he had 2 teeth, but now a couple weeks in he has 2 more working their way out.

He's loving the introduction of solid foods.  His favorites are green beans and peas.

He wears 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  I don't know what shoe size he wears because he never gets to wear them.  Fourth child problems.

When he's not happily trying to crawl or bouncing in this exersaucer, this is where he is happiest.