About Me

My name is Elizabeth and I am the proud mom of four beautiful children and the adoring wife to a wonderful husband.

I'm figuring this mom thing out while struggling with OCD, depression, and anxiety.

I drink way too much chai tea all day long and am known to enjoy a cocktail in the evening.

I adore cooking and baking and attempt to blog about it from time to time.  I'm horrible at photographing food though and I'm no Pioneer woman, so have patience with me.  All my recipes are gluten free because our daughter has Celiac disease.

Our quirky little Evelyn joined the family in September 2008 followed by Annie 22 months later in August 2010.  We (and by we, I mean I) thought it would be fun to have children so close together.  I think maybe I'm crazy.  After the birth of Annie, my husband and I decided that we were done having biological children and to open our home to any future children via adoption.

In May of 2012, we were matched with a birthmom in Louisiana.  In June, our son was born!  His adoption was finalized this March.  He's 22 months younger than Annie because I don't learn lessons well.

Then, we added our sweet little Malachi to the family in February of 2016 after a long, harrowing experience with multiple women and babies coming in and out of our lives.

We look like babies in this picture.

So here we are more recently.  We still love each other and are surviving the crazy together.

I also work as an ambassador for Be the Bridge and my writing can be found at www.bethebridge.com. 

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