Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get Fancy for our Adoption


Part of the joy of sharing your story with others is that they feel a part of it, mourn with you, rejoice with you, and support you however they can.

Right now there are a couple entrepreneurial women stepping up to help us cover some of the expenses of adopting.  There are lots of moving parts to make an adoption happen: social workers, office staff, agency directors, counselors, and attorneys.  They all like paychecks, and adoptive families foot the bills for those things.  It can be a daunting sum of money, particularly when you are generally out thousands if you have an adoption fall through (as we have).

Here's how you can help.  I have lots of necklaces to sell.  Lots of them!

They are lovely, but I can't wear all of them myself.  And if you are into essential oils, they are practical too.  They are ceramic, and the back is unfinished, so if you'd like to add a couple drops of oil to it you will be able to smell it all day!

You have 3 lovely options.  Each is beautifully handcrafted and hand painted.  For each donation of $15 you can pick out a necklace of your choice.  Please add $3 to your donation to cover shipping.

The first is this beauty.  I think this may be my new favorite color.

The second will look like this, but say "hope" instead of having a print.  Hope is the word we have been clinging to for months, so wearing it around seemed right.  I know we aren't alone in facing all kinds of trials and we all could use to cling to hope.

*Updated* Here's what they look like!

And finally, for the kids (or you if you prefer tiny pendants), there is this adorable little heart in red.  -

To sweeten the deal, Jami has offered to attach a giveaway for anyone who decides to give us a helping hand! After you decide to grace your neck with one of these lovelies, you will be entered into a drawing to win an essential oils premium starter kit that retails for $150!  You get one entry for every necklace you decide to call your own.  After you buy a necklace to get your first entry, you can get an additional entry into the drawing for each place you share about this sale (blog, facebook, instagram, or twitter).  Please share far and wide either way, because as much as I love these necklaces, I would rather see them gone to you and your friends and adopt a baby!

To enter the giveaway, comment below after you order a necklace.  In your comment you can include where all you shared it!

When you're ready to order, send paypal to  Include in your comments which necklaces you would like.

If you are local in KC and want to pick your necklace up to save yourself some shipping costs, mention that in your comments as well.  If you need a way to pay other than paypal, please email me and we will work something out.

Thank you for helping us bring a new baby home!


  1. 2 necklaces purched for P.C.

  2. Bought one necklace + shared on FB!

  3. Purchased one necklace. So excited to get mine, they are lovely! Thank you!

  4. 3 necklaces for J.M.

  5. 3 necklaces and shared on fb ;)

  6. Are the colors shown the only colors available?

    1. For the top two, yes. I may be able to get the heart in another color for you. Jut send me an email and I'll see what I can do!

  7. 1 necklace for V.M.

  8. Bought a little heart necklace

  9. Bought one necklace and shared on facebook.


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