Tuesday, June 30, 2009


One day Evelyn started walking around behind the laundry basket and putting things in it as she came to them. She has been imitating things I do lately, maybe she thinks she's grocery shopping.


This is Evelyn's new favorite game. Here she is playing it with Scott. She will do this around any corner or behind any piece of furniture she finds.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Sorry I've been kind of non-existent lately on here. Evelyn was sick last week, so that kept me sufficiently busy, and I don't have my camera right now (I have to go pick it up today from where I accidentally left it), so I have no fabulous pictures to share.

Evelyn had roseola last weekend and week which was not a fun experience, but in the end wasn't too horrible. She had a high fever for a couple of days and then broke out in a rash. Thankfully, the rash isn't itchy or painful or anything like that. It's just hard to see her not feeling well. At the same time she is cutting two more top teeth! One of them actually has a blood blister under the gums where it is trying to come out. It looks so painful! Hopefully they will make their appearance soon.

We will be coming to Iowa late Thursday night and staying until Sunday night. All I know so far of our plans is on Saturday we will go to the Urbandale parade and out to lunch with the fam and company afterward and then on Sunday we will be at Lake Panorama.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Quick Takes

I'm not sure if I've got seven in me this week, but I'll give it a go...

1~ Evelyn has now successfully taken a step with her left foot and stayed standing. We haven't gotten any full-blown independent walking, but something tells me it will happen any day!

2~ Evelyn got her first ear infection this week. It's just a mild viral one, but here's what we did for it....

a. Went immediately to the chiropractor and got her adjusted. This helped tremendously and her ear was able to drain (evidenced by a sudden onset cough).

b. Pulsatilla homeopathic remedy that we used for teething with great success. It always calms her down when she's hurting and upset.

c. Muellin-garlic ear drops. Garlic is an amazing natural anti-microbial!

3~ I have the most adorable picture of Evelyn to post, but I can't until next week because I used it for our Father's Day cards and don't want to spoil the surprise. Be looking for it early next week. :)

4~ We have been going to a great church the last couple of months. They had a whole church picnic this week that we went to and one of the pastors introduced us to the leader of one of the small groups. Apparently this group is known as the "lawyer's small group" because it already has 3-4 lawyers in it. Oh boy. Nothing says fun like a room full of lawyer talk. :-D It's great though because they have welcomed us in and one of the couples has a 7-month-old girl! A friend for Evelyn and a new mom to get to know for me!

5~ Scott cooked an amazing dinner tonight. Hamburgers that he added sauteed onions and bacon into, grilled sweet potato fries, and grilled sliced zucchini. It was sooo good and I got a night off from cooking! I love that he loves to grill and is so good at it.

6~ Evelyn will be 9 months old on Sunday. Crazy! We aren't doing a well baby visit since it seems pretty pointless with how healthy and happy she is. So I saved myself the copay, 1/2 hour wait in the waiting room, and hour in the car and just weighed and measured her myself. She's weighing about 18 lbs which would put her in the 29th %ile and is around 29 inches long which is the 86th %ile.

7~ Evelyn also has 4 teeth. Two on top and two on the bottom. I think she may be getting another one on top sometime soon though with how close to the surface it looks!

Whew! I made it. Hope everyone is doing well! The next time we will probably be up in Iowa is for the 4th of July. Hopefully we will get to see all my Iowa readers then.

Friday, June 12, 2009

7 Quick Takes

It doesn't seem possible that it is already Friday again! I was going to delay this, but I knew I would hear from Dan if I did... :)

1~ We started cloth diapering Evelyn this week. I guess by we, I mean I started cloth diapering Evelyn and Scott is being a willing participant if she needs changed. :) I bought almost all my diapers used on www.diaperswappers.com, so I was able to save a lot of money on them. They have come a long ways from the days of folding, pinning, and rinsing in the toilet! Besides that, the total cost for diapers that will last her until she's potty trained is approximately the same cost as 5-6 months of disposables. And, they're better for her...so it's a win-win in my book.

2~ Evelyn walks in circles. Literally. She will take steps with her right foot only. Her record is three in a row, but since it's only with one foot she just kind of walks around herself. If you've seen her "gimpy crawl" that she does, it's the same foot that she steps with when doing that.

3~ Once a month on Thursday nights I have a mom's meeting that I go to with some friends that I met through our Bradley birth classes. They both have little girls who were born within 2 weeks of Evelyn. It's soooo funny to see them interact with each other! All three are mobile now and last night they were pulling each others hair, biting each others fingers, and being generally obnoxious to one another. Although, none of them seemed to mind too much and seemed amused to have someone their size to play with.

4~ Evelyn always wakes up from her naps with crazy hair. This is her mohawk look and she's dancing for everyone to boot.

5~ I had to stop mid-quick takes because Evelyn figured out how to turn off the power strip that the internet box thingy is plugged into. Did I mention she is into EVERYTHING???

6~ Do you remember fundraisers in school? They would have the big assembly and get you all excited about this stuff you could win if you were the top seller. You got all excited to go home and sell you overpriced pizzas, cookie dough, and chocolates to the world. Now that I'm an adult I realize why parents didn't let me go around my neighborhood selling that stuff. It drives me crazy to have kids come to my door and have to turn them away. Thanks mom!

7~ One last picture to start out your weekend. She glowing not with angelic innocence, but rather with sunscreen before we went out for a loooong walk to the post office and back.

Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1~ Evelyn has a new tooth! It has been a rough ride while it's been coming out, so hopefully now that it has poked through life will return to normal. It's on the top too by the way.

2~ I found a few more pictures from Memorial Weekend that I wanted to put up. Here's some more of our relaxing time in the hot tub.

3~ When we were up in Iowa I got to hang out with my friend Molly from high school and her son Will who is about 2 months older than Evelyn. The two of them sort of played together. :)

4~ On Sunday we went to Omaha for my cousin Callie's graduation party and took a few hours to head north a little ways to Fremont to visit some really good friends of ours, Chris and Katie. They have a small acreage with several horses and cats, which was a new experience for Evelyn! But first, you have guess from this first picture which one of these strapping boys lives on a farm and which in the city???

5~ Can we PLEASE go outside and play?!?

6~ We've been working on this and today she finally did it on her own for the first time...

Evelyn...How big are you???

Soooo BIG!

7~ Hotel Behrens is now officially open for the summer. You really can't beat our rates. If you would like to reserve the guest room suite please let us know! The only weekends that are set that we for sure won't be home are July 25-26, August 8-9, and Sept. 5-6.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday morning I heard giggling coming from Evelyn's bedroom. I love when she wakes up happy and went in to get her. The night before we had gotten home from our trip and the house was really warm, so I had stripped her down to her diaper and put her in her sleep sack for the night. I found her in her crib, sans sleep sack (I have no idea how she got it off as she would have had to unzip it and get her arms out of the arm holes) clad only in her diaper, holding on the crib rails, and jumping up and down giggling. :)

She has also taken to eating every little speck of anything she can find on the ground. She found a black spot on the kitchen floor yesterday and spent a considerable amount of time trying to pick it up. Upon realizing it was stuck to the floor, she resorted to going face down on the floor and licking it from there.