Thursday, May 10, 2012

Worth It

We are halfway there with our funds.  It's amazing to see pieces of this puzzle come together for this little guy.  There are moments when I feel completely overwhelmed by all that needs accomplished and wonder how in the world God will orchestrate it all.

Then yesterday we got some amazing news that there is a church in the city where we will be that wants to host us.  They want to give us a place to stay, provide a social worker free of charge to help walk us through everything, and they just want to love on us.

Every time we have felt about to go under, not knowing how this would all be able to happen, God gently places his provision in our path.

So today I have 6 places to go to finish some things off that have to be taken care of asap, I just want to savor this time.  I want to not focus on the stress, but instead fix my eyes on how well God has provided for us.  I want to picture myself snuggling a tiny newborn bundle.  Seeing him look up at me and knowing I'm his mom forever.  Knowing he is so loved and so wanted.  Because anything we have to go through to get there will be worth it in that moment.

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  1. Beautiful. So excited for your family and thankful for how God is moving!


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