Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer in Full Swing!

We are a few weeks into summer, and while trying to get the calendar all updated (and does that happen??) I realized the kids go back to school two months from today.  Wild.  We've got a lot to fit into two months.

We've already fit a lot into the last 3 weeks!

Life doesn't appear to ever slow down for us.  I keep thinking that the new approaching season will finally be a break from the busy, but it never really happens.

Scott just hit his one year anniversary at his job.  The hours are a lot nicer.  We usually see him for dinner and there's rarely work required on the weekends.  But, he also travels a lot more.  It seems like at least once a month he's flying somewhere as well as driving to speak throughout Missouri and Kansas.

I'm occasionally sitting down these days, but it feels rare.  On top of caring for three very active kids, I've taken on a roll as CASA volunteer.  So in what has turned out to be almost the equivalent time-wise of a part-time job, I get to advocate for a large sibling group who is currently in foster care.  I've never found something I enjoy doing like I enjoy this.  It's stressful to get accomplished and done well, but it's been so rewarding for me.

The house seems perpetually messy, dishes and laundry never caught up, and the to do list only shrinks, never disappears these days.  We are still trying to figure out a balance of how to get the stuff accomplished I've always done in the past when my time feels much more constrained.  Not to mention, with the kids being older, they are busier and need out of the house more too!

It's into this that we are so excited to add a new baby.  Maybe we are crazy, but I am so, so excited.  In a weird and good way, babies slow me down.  You are more home bound.  Have to be more intentional with your time.  And no one expects the house to be clean or meals to be cooked when there's a newborn in the house.  I will use that as my excuse.

And speaking of the baby...IT'S A BOY!  In a strange turn of events, Scott and I ended up spending the weekend in Nashville with the expectant mom we are matched with when she went into preterm labor while at a family reunion.  Thankfully the baby stayed in, and she is safely back home in Michigan now.  The weekend ended up being such a great time though.  I got to spend a full two days with her and we had about as much fun as you can have in a hospital on bed rest.

So we are gearing up for baby to come anytime now.  We really, really hope he will stay in until at least July when he will be 30 weeks gestation.  Making it to August though would be huge!