Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It All Fell Apart

The adoption is off.  After 19 weeks of falling in love with a baby boy and his family, the mom has decided that she can't follow through on her adoption plan.

We are all the things you would expect from people who are going through a loss of any kind.  Devastated, sickened, overwhelmed.  Our children mourn the loss of the brother they thought they would have.  We mourn for the place in our hearts that was ready to be filled with another beautiful son.

There is a nursery all set up that will sit empty.  A car seat all ready to install.  Tiny baby clothes have been washed and folded.  Suitcases sit packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

We are unsure how we will move forward right now.  We aren't ready to just jump back on the "waiting to be matched adoption wagon" right now emotionally, mentally, or financially.  This adoption has cost us in many, many ways.

Thank you all for the support we have been shown over the last 4 months and especially this last week.

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