Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's on Your Face Daddy?

Evelyn isn't hitting Scott here (although that's what it looks like), but rather, is trying to figure out what those spiky things are on his face. She was quite intrigued by them and tried to rub them off for a while. Apparently she's never noticed daddy's whiskers before.

12 Weeks

I can't believe we made it to the 2nd trimester already! This little one is making his/herself known in a couple of ways. I'm definitely starting to show and I felt movement today for the first time! We heard the heartbeat at our first appointment with our midwives at 11 weeks and it sounded beautiful.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I haven't been posting much lately as this pregnancy has made me very, very tired! Taking care of a busy toddler on top of it is keeping me on my toes. So, I decided to just put a post together with pictures to update you on what's going on here.

I was taking a picture of something else and Evelyn wanted her picture taken as well.

Enjoying a little roast beef.

Riding in her new car with her friend Addison.

One of her favorite new hobbies, playing with water in the sink.

Daddy got her new kitchen set put up yesterday! Now she can cook alongside mommy.