Friday, May 11, 2012

An Excuse To Go Shopping

You're welcome.

This is a fabulous excuse to go shopping, though.  Heather from Mom 4 Life (who I guest blog for) made me an extremely generous offer to help us cover the remaining expenses for the adoption of our son.  She had me pick out my favorite items from her online store of products that are exclusively invented by moms.  She put those items together in a link for me to share with you.  ALL of the profit she makes off the sale of the items will be going toward our adoption fund.  How amazing is that?!?!

If you purchase any of the items, be sure to put "Finding Mercy" in the comment section when you pay so that she knows it for the adoption.

Here's the products.

I only put things in there that I personally use and love.  So here's me being a salesperson:

The muslin swaddle baby blankets are seriously the softest swaddling blankets I've ever touched.  They are lightweight and breathable, so they work well even in the summer.

Babylegs are a favorite around here for crawling babies or in place of tights when you don't want to have to mess with tights going over a diaper.  My girls have been known to wear a pair with just a onesie around the house.

The Bebe au Lait nursing covers are by far my favorite of the different styles I've tried.  They drape better to give you privacy and the prints are so cute.

bumGenius 4.0 diapers in snaps are all that Bella wears.  They are my favorite diaper I've ever used and fit from about 2 months old until they potty train.

I'm wearing a Glamourmom nursing tank right now.  They are so comfy.  Because they come in a long style, you don't have to show off you post baby muffin top.  Win.  They work great under other shirts too because you can go up with the top shirt, down with the nursing tank flap, and all your skin is still covered while baby nurses.

My babies live in Moby wraps the first few months.  They look so comfy and snuggly in there cuddled up against you.  I own two.  So clearly I like them.

Now get to shopping!  Certainly either you need some things, have a baby shower to go to soon, or know a new or expecting mom that would love some of these goodies.


  1. I love the last certainly know someone who is expecting... :)
    Oh you lucky duck! :) I love the babylegs! If we're having a girl you know thats on my list. :) I'm not a fan of tights myself so why suffer with the diaper issue also? If not having a girl, I'm sure you have plenty of ideas of what I desperately will need that I can't get from Babies R Us or Target. :) Cute stuff though!

    1. Mary, There are some ADORABLE BabyLegs boy styles too. I have three boys and we love the flames, argyle, stripes, etc. . . :)

  2. Cool idea! I just got Emma the seat protector- perfect for our car trips and the umbrella and jogging stroller :D