Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Son, An Introduction to Your Story

Dear Son,

A large piece of your story belongs to you and your birthmother, "K".  How you came to be, and how you came to be placed in our arms will be something you will delve into slowly as you get older.  But I won't tell that story here.  It's not my story, it's yours and K's.  You can choose to tell it for yourself when the time comes if you would like.

The piece of you story that we do tell is how you came to be ours.  God is writing that story, and it's truly beautiful. 

We started this journey over a year ago.  We thought we were going to adopt from Africa, but God closed that door tightly for us.  We fought it for a while, but eventually realized, you weren't in Africa, you were right here in the United States.  We needed to switch our home study to domestic so that we could bring you home. 

Our home study was a long process, and I thought I was going to be buried in paperwork.  Then we had to get our finances in order; we moved into a bigger home so that we would have room for you and so that you could grow up in the environment we wanted for you. 

And then we waited.  Sometimes patiently.  Sometimes not.  We waited for months to hear about you.  Then the day came that we got word about K and that she was having a son.  We we so excited!  We asked to have K look at our profile to see if she thought we were your forever family.

The night we got the email that she picked us, we couldn't sleep.  My heart burst wide open and you came running in. 

We got a chance to talk to K and hear all about you.  You were going to be born early, although we still don't know how early.  So we would just have to be on call and ready to come get you.

Then we learned that the legal expenses were going to be more money than we had.  But we knew you were supposed to ours, so after a little bit of distrust and nervousness, we placed this whole situation back in God's hands.  He provided, son.  He provided abundantly and completely in more ways than we could have ever asked or dreamed of.  He solidified in our minds that you were meant to be with us.

And then on Mother's Day, K sent me a text message telling me "Happy Mother's Day!"  I cried.  She was the one giving me the opportunity to be your mommy.  She sent me pictures of you.  She told me that she felt like God put us together.  And my heart was forever yours. 

Your Mom


  1. Hi! My name is Jennifer. I am Ralph and Linda's daughter in Louisiana :) Just wanted to pop in and let you know how excited we are for your family and we can't wait to meet you and your precious little one!

  2. This brought tears to to my eyes. So sweet and beautiful :)

  3. Congrats and I am so happy for you. Love this!


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