Friday, July 20, 2012

Abraham: 1 Month

Oh goodness sweet son.  You are a month old already.

You still don't like to sleep without being snuggled in someone's arms, but you will occasionally sleep in your co-sleeper for an hour or two to start out the night.  Otherwise nighttime sleeping is not your strong suit.  You are more of the hang out with mom all night type. 

I think  you are one of the most beautiful babies I have ever laid eyes upon.  Your birthmom agrees.  So do lots of random strangers. 

We call you our little cocoa bean.  You are so tiny!  You are tipping the scales at just over 8 lbs. and you still wear newborn sized clothing. 

You coo, try to smile, and hold your poop for days so that you can explode all over yourself and anything else within range.

We adore you. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's Working

** Upon editing this post I realized I managed to use the word boobie and vag in the same post.  So sorry.  My husband and mom are certainly horrified. **

I get lots of questions about Abraham and his/our situation with him.  Some from strangers, most from those I love.  I really don't mind answering them for the most part. 

There's only been a few that put me on edge. 

"Why did you adopt when you have two of your own?" 

It's a really well intentioned question and obviously a curiosity.  But please, oh please, oh please don't word it that way once he's old enough to hear and understand.  My insides want to scream, "HE IS MY OWN!!!"  But I usually politely respond about why we chose to adopt.  I'm very non-confrontational when speaking instead of typing.

"Why did his mom give him up?"

Sigh.  I'm his mom.  I really, truly am.  Yes, he also has a birthmom, but even she refers to me as his mom and always has.  And again, when he can understand particularly, please don't refer to anyone but me as his mom.  And I struggle with the rest of the wording too because it makes it sound like he was unwanted.  He wasn't.  Unplanned?  Yes.  Unwanted?  No. 

On a side note with these questions.  I'm just not quite sure why strangers ask me them.  Certainly they are just curious, but they are pretty personal questions!  I've never walked up to a woman with multiple children and asked her whether they were the result of birth control failure.  Or if she pushed them out her vag.  Or some other grossly inappropriate small talk for the aisle of Target.  Oh well.

This post deviated from where it was headed. 

What I really wanted to say is, sweet little Abraham was born 3 weeks ago.  How did that happen??? 

He weighs in at 7 lbs. 9.5 oz as of Monday afternoon at the doctor.  Little peanut.

That means he's gained almost a whole pound since birth.  Over a pound from his weight when we left the hospital.  And what's he grown on? 

Boobie milk!  100%!

He hasn't had to have a single drop of formula or anything from a bottle since the day he was born.

This is so huge for me.  Huge.  It's something I wanted so badly for him.  I logged many hours nursing and hooked to a pump to make it happen, and it did.  Praise Jesus.

And for those curious, Annie weaned while we were gone.  She attempted nursing a few times when we got back, but couldn't remember how and went on with life.  She decided that she is all done being a baby though.  She potty trained herself (no joke) and requested to move into her big bed in Evelyn's room. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Brother

I can't quite explain how strange it was to go 15 days without my girlies.  Add to that the weirdness of having a brand new baby brother for them that they didn't get to meet until he was almost 2 weeks old.  There's a lot of things about adoption that are just different, and an adjustment, but beautiful at the same time.  Time away from them was hard, but time to sit and snuggle a newbie all day and nap whenever I needed to?  Hard to pass up. 

Their arrival home was pretty fun though.

There is some serious baby brother love up in here.

Evelyn is infatuated.  Completely and utterly head over heals for this little guy. 

She talks about him all day long.  When we are out in public she makes sure everyone knows he's her baby brother.  Adorbs.

Annabelle is aware of him.  She's ok with him.  She finds him interesting and kind of cute.  But she is much more concerned about the fact that mommy is back.  And any attempts that mommy tries to make to leave her side are somewhat disastrous.  It's improving a little though.