Monday, February 13, 2012

A thought - by Scott

Sorry all, no cute pictures-just a thought from Scott.

I wonder when those who believe in "equal opportunity" think opportunities become equal?

The fact that I can ask my grandparents what the Civil Rights Era was like makes the argument that there is equal opportunity for the races hard to believe. The equal opportunity argument starts to leak uncontrollably when I can ask my neighbor what it was like to be "stuck" in Squier Park through white flight. The naked emperor makes an appearance when I consider the fact that men and women my parents' ages know what it's like to use segregated toilets. But the argument becomes absurd when local white kids struggle deciding which of the local $10-20k per year private schools to turn down, while the local colored students struggle to learn in public schools that are so bad the state has to take them over.

There will always be unequal opportunity, but let's not believe the lie that says we don't have to confront it. Instead, let's call it what God calls it - brokenness - and seek the ways that God is using us as part of his plan of redemption of race relations.

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