Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Someday I Might Become Tech Savy

I wish I knew how to use some of the devices I own to anywhere near their full capacity, but alas, I don't.  I just now (almost a year after getting it) have learned that I can download the photos off my phone onto Picasa.  This is quite the revelation.  So before you get to see pictures of our Valentine's Day festivities, you get a glance back at the last 6 months or so as seen by my phone.  

My big girl turned 3!

This picture kills me.  London and Bella at the zoo.

Playing at the fountain at the Legends.

Kitchen demo

Fun at the park.

I absolutely cannot get enough pictures of sleeping babes.  I just want to squeeze them!

Lunch at the zoo.

More sleeping babies because you really can't get enough of them.


Such a good daddy!

Such a happy girl even though she appears to have sustained some kind of blow to the head either from her own clumsiness or an over zealous sister.

Ethiopian dinner from Blue Nile Cafe in River Market

Attempting to get a picture of me with both girls.  Few of these are in existence and none of them are very good.

I miss the nose crinkle.


My packing helpers.

Behold.  A picture where Evelyn is smiling somewhat normally.

The kitchen got new cabinets and floor!

Yogurt is fun.
And then the kitchen got counters and appliances.
Pretend I didn't take this one while driving.  It's just for Meredith.  And Stephon.

And then the kitchen got finished off with a backsplash.

I'm not sure what prompted that face.

Sister love.

I chopped my hair off on a whim.

What my living room often looks like.
 Wow.  Photo overload.  Maybe I should do this more than once a year...


  1. YOU CUT YOUR HAIR! It's so cute! More pictures please!
    Love the bilboard. And it's hilarious you were driving. Glad you didn't drop your phone out the window!
    Love the picture posts. So much fun to live through your household moments from a few hours away.
    I will always envy your kitchen. It's awesome.
    And your girls are even awesomer. They are just adoreable. Love you and miss you!