Monday, February 6, 2012

Chain of Events

A little over a month ago I contacted an agency in Arizona about working with them.  I had our paperwork all filled out for them and just wanted to talk to them before sending it in.  That night I got an email from them saying there was a birthmom situation that fit us.  I let them know we would like to be shown, but that they didn't have our profile yet.  They said to get it to them ASAP and we did.  We heard nothing.  I figured it didn't make it there in time, so it must not have been the baby for us.

Fast-forward to Friday evening around dinnertime.  I got an email saying that birthmom wanted to do a phone interview with us and two other potential adoptive families.  I was shocked!  I had no idea she was even looking at our profile. 

Saturday we spent a little over 15 minutes talking on the phone with her and falling in love with her life story.  My heart is in this one.  And it's a little boy, due mid-April.

We are told we will hear something on Monday.

It gets to be lunch time on Monday and still no word, so I email the agency asking if they know when we may get some news.  I'm told later in the day Monday or possibly Tuesday.

My heart is not doing well with this!  I am so anxious.  And then miserable.  And then hopeful.  And then I doubt that she is going to pick us. 

Spiritually speaking, I'm in a good place.  I know that God has a baby for us and that we are in His will right now.  But, my goodness do I just want to know the details! 

So when I hear something, Scott will hear something, then the grandparents and siblings will hear something, and then I will let you all in on the news.  Until then, I will continue to eat chocolate and be my impatient self.

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