Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bella - 18 Months

She's a year-and-a-half old already.  My sweet little babes is getting big!  Whoever warned me that it would go faster with the second knew what they were talking about.

Most of this may be boring, but remember I am a negligent  baby book writer inner, so if I don't put it here, the info will be lost for all eternity. 

She's 22 lbs. 10 oz. which puts her between the 10th and 25th percentile if you use U.S. growth charts but right at the 50th percentile in the World Health Organizations breastfed children's growth chart.  It could likely be because she has decided that teething = not eating and she has been cutting 4 canine teeth for a few weeks now.  She has 12 teeth all the way in and then the 4 that are just now starting to break the surface.

The 12-18 month clothes are just starting to get a bit tight and short and she has outgrown her size 4 and 5 shoes. 

She's getting much more verbal and has a lot of words that only we can understand.  Evelyn can get her to copy almost any word she wants, but she won't do the same for me.  A few phrases have crept in as well such as: here you go, all done, and big sister.

Her favorite foods are chips, popcorn, and hamburger. 

She's turning into a more naughty little stinker who adores getting into cupboards and drawers that she knows are off limits. 

We are still working on the whole sleep thing.  She was doing fabulous with our efforts to just calm her in the night and not nurse, but then teeth came to ruin our plans.  We will get there eventually. 

She is such a little mommy when she's playing.  She will rock and sing to her babies before she puts them in their beds.  Push toys and duplos are her other two favorite toys right now.

She's still a little ray of sunshine in our days.  Her mannerisms are too cute for words.  She is an easy one to love.


  1. what a cutie.

    and also, how rude are you for HAVING A DOUBLE OVEN!?

  2. Wow, she is growing up. Can't wait to see you guys again.