Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Your Ashy Forehead On

Here's a conversation that happened today that fully describes my entire morning and afternoon with Evelyn.

While playing outside...
Me: Honey, don't play in the dirt, we have church tonight and I don't want you to get all dirty.
Evelyn: I won't play in the dirt mom, I'll just throw mud.
Me: How about not that either.

Fab-ola #1

We also had our house appraised today as the final piece of our renovation loan.  The appraisal happened right before naptime which is generally the time when the house is in the most disarray.  Instead I had to have it spotless and open house ready essentially.  It happened, but not without me neglecting my children.

Fab-ola #2.

I rush to make a quick dinner of chicken nachos of which Evelyn won't really eat because she is boycotting most food right now.  If it's not a list she has created in her mind, expecting her to eat it will result in her peeing on her chair, out right refusal, and then finally getting it in her mouth only to have her gag and near puke it back out again.

Fab-ola #3

Scott had to work late, so it was just me and the girlies headed to Ash Wednesday service (one of my favorites of the year that I wasn't about to miss) single mom style.  Well, except for the whole part about still having a husband who was working his tail off for us.  I will never say I do anything single mom style for real, because seriously, I don't think a non-single mom has any clue what an actual single mom feels like.

Wow, tangent much?

So we head to church.  I check the girls in and all is well and I go in to enjoy the service.  After communion I go and pick them up to bring them in for the last song and benediction.  Now, if you are remembering that I am solo for this venture then you are shaking your head at me right now because WHY WOULD I GET MY CHILDREN OUT OF FREE CHILDCARE EARLIER THAN NECESSARY!  Evelyn sits beside me and whines for food the entire time (I'm in the front, front row by the way).  Bella wants to run back and forth across the pew and wave at people.  Then during the benediction Bella decides to high-tail it for the steps to go up and say hi to Pastor Kris.  My snatching her led to her becoming a human noodle on the verge of very loud noises as she tried to work her way out of my grasp.  So as soon as possible, we head for the door.  As we are leaving church on the very crowded steps Evelyn starts sobbing quite loudly, "Daddy's never coming home again!"

Fab-ola #4

So here was my moment of peace for the day.

Ahhhh.  Singing sweet music for Jesus.

Yep, I took a picture with my phone, in church, and instagrammed it.