Monday, January 2, 2012

Taco Turkey and Other Such Christmas Things

Our first Christmas in our new home!  It was also the first time we celebrated our own little family Christmas in Kansas City instead of hauling the presents up to Iowa and back again.  This was definitely a welcome change in routine.  So the 21st brought all things Christmas to our house. 

Helping mommy make ginger snap cut-out cookies. 

Watching Christmas movies with Daddy.

Making Christmas cards for grandparents.

Someone took things a bit seriously.  I mean, you can't have a Christmas tree card that isn't a perfect triangle, right Scott?

Roasting a big turkey that produced A LOT of leftovers because my children decided to boycott food that night.  Or maybe it's because I accidentally made up a batch of taco seasoning for it instead of rotisserie seasoning.  Feliz Navidad family.

See the tears?  Yeah.  Not happy ones.  She was mad that daddy wouldn't let her prop her feet up on the table and only wanted to lick butter and honey off of a roll rather than consume anything of real substance.

See all the food on that plate?  Not much was touched.  I think she was just a bit too excited about presents, and it's Evelyn.  You never know if she will eat anything or not.

All kinds of childhood happiness going on here.

Scott and I weren't going to get each other anything.  We just bought each other a house for goodness sake as well as a nice camera to replace our old point and shoot broken one.  He was naughty though.  This is why Santa brought him nothing.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I technically bought Scott a couple things, but I gave him to them the night I bought them because I was so excited. 

Anyway, here I am opening up the gifts I wasn't supposed to get.  I knew I was getting a book though.  It's a tradition.  I just didn't know that the book would be an iBook to read on my new iPad. 

But there was more.  He was also working behind my back with our adoption consulting agency to get our profile printed and ready and to make us a waiting family with them.  So here's me being excited, and then crying.

The aftermath.


  1. While trying to fall asleep last night I thought about your "taco turkey" and was nearly laughing-out-loud! I thought it best not to wake dad laughing about taco turkey!

  2. Looks like a lovely Christmas. Blessings to you.


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