Friday, January 6, 2012

And Continued

Christmas Eve was the traditional Tometich extended family Christmas party.  Way too much food, a gift exchange where everyone brings a $10 gift and the only people that seem pleased with what they end up with are those who manage to leave the evening with a $10 gift card to somewhere, and lots and lots of people.  My dad was one of 6 children who all have at least 2 children, and now those children have children as well.  For some reason I have no pictures of this event.  Not sure what happened there, but if I acquire some I'll add them later.

On Christmas day we headed to Cedar Falls to visit Scott's grandparents.  They hadn't seen Bella since she was a tiny thing. 

Nothing says pictures with grandparents like a screaming baby and a distracted toddler.  Grandma looks great though!

On the 30th the festivities continued with Scott's immediate family and his other set of grandparents. 

Grandma Karen is lots of fun.

Evelyn dug into her large present first before anyone else could even get their gifts.  She was a bit excited.

Scott has beautiful sisters too.

My one and only niece, Kaylin.

Wow, Evelyn.  Really?

This was all followed by watching the Hawkeye bowl game and it's disappointing (even if expected) end. 

Whew.  It was a lot of travel and long week, but honestly it was one of the best Christmases we've had.  We enjoyed our time with family so much and came back to Kansas City refreshed. 

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  1. This Christmas WAS great wasn't it? :)
    Side note: Thought of you today in church we sang one of Grandma's favorite hymns...How Great Thou Art! :)