Friday, January 20, 2012


I need a break from thinking about adoption stuff.  Not because I don't like thinking about it, but yesterday was really emotional for me.  And then my amazing husband convicted me of some stuff last night surrounding my own selfishness in the situation.  So I need a break today from thinking about myself and my own desires.  I'm still super excited and can't wait to hear news, but I'm reminded that it's not about me.  It's about a young, vulnerable woman sitting in a hotel room right now making one of the toughest decisions of her life by picking a family for a child she is carrying and loves dearly.  Much bigger than my worries about how we will make last minute travel arrangements if we get picked to be that family.  Much bigger.

I'm taking some time this morning to try to meditate on God's word (tough to do with a sick, teething 1-year-old) and refocus.  While doing this Evelyn asked if she could have some cheese.  Fine, no problem.  There are slices of cheese in the fridge and cheese sticks that she regularly snacks on.  I came downstairs to check on my girlies and found Bella snacking on a sensible slice of cheese.

And Evelyn snacking on this lovely block of cheese.  Oh, Evelyn.  I love you crazy child.


  1. Geoff and I just got a serious laugh out of this cheese business!

  2. Note to self when you have cheese at the Behren's!