Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting A New Year

Now that Christmas has taken up three posts and the first week of January, I would like to say a little diddy about the start of the new year for us. 

I don't keep New Year's resolutions, so I don't make them.  But, I have set my mind to a few things that are helping me work through some different areas of my life that need maintenance.  So here's my 3 steps to growth to start my year.  You don't have to copy them, or feel guilted that you aren't doing them.  That's not my intent.  My whole reason for writing them down is that once I put it out there it feels more real.  And when someone asks me, "how's that thing going?", I better have an answer.

ONE: Release my addiction to sugar.  I've slowly over the last year allowed sugar to become a big part of my life again.  I've been thinking about cutting back for health purposes, but that is never generally a big enough motivator for me. 

Then, we were asked to be small group leaders at our church.  Part of that was signing some stuff that said we were living a certain way and committed and such.  Well, on one of the documents I signed it said I was free from addictions.  Hmmmm.  Well, I'm free from non-socially acceptable addictions...does that count?  God spoke to my heart and let me know that the answer for me was no.  So for the month of January I am fasting from processed sugar.  It's been a rough 6 days.  I miss my chai tea, and my Pepsi, and my naptime snacks, and my late night snacks.  But I love Jesus more.  And he loves to use whatever means possible to grab hold of our hearts and hold them for his own.  So for me, he's using sugar right now. 

TWO: I feel like we have too much stuff.  I hold on to things I don't need.  My children are swimming in toys.  My cupboards are packed full.  The basement is full.  It's simply not necessary.  I don't want to live a life of excess and that's what I was starting to feel we were becoming.  So I have decided to throw away, donate, or otherwise dispose ourselves of 2012 items in 2012.  I needed a number goal because it keeps me motivated.  So I have a chalkboard in my kitchen where I mark tallies throughout the day when I throw something out and then when the board is full, I subtract that from my number I have written at the bottom.  So far I've gotten rid of 148 items and I haven't even touched the basement, kitchen, hall closet, master closet...

THREE: Scott and I are reading a devotional book together every night on prayer.  I despise devotionals.  They just always seem so fluffy and the answer to every question is Jesus.  Ok, so Jesus technically is the answer to most of life's questions, but that's not what I mean. 

I love this one though.  It's amazing, thought-provoking, and life changing.  It's here if you want to buy one. 

So now when you see me ask how these things are going.  And set some goals for yourself while you're at it. 


  1. i love your goals.much better than resolutions.
    i heart sugar too.
    we just did a detox for 5 days and it was really hard. but i admire you for taking on the whole month. God will surely change you in this month by relying on him in need. :)

  2. Awesome. And I'm so stealing the 2012 donate in 2012 idea. I will make sure to pay you royalties for your idea. :)