Thursday, June 14, 2012

In The Home Stretch

It feels pretty surreal right now that we are less that a week from meeting our son.

I will be busy, and kind of hard to reach over the next week, so here's the plan and what to expect from us.

Sunday will be crazy.  My parents are coming down to pick up the girls and take them back to Iowa for our time down in Louisiana.  I will be spending the day getting them all packed and ready to go, washing all our laundry, getting the house spotless and ready to sit empty for a few weeks, and getting ourselves packed.

Monday morning we will hit the road.  We will be traveling through lots of rural nothingness, so I have no idea how in touch I will be able to be.  We will drive, then stay overnight somewhere along the way.

Tuesday morning we will finish the trip off and get settled into our temporary home.  Tuesday evening we get to have dinner with K.  I'm very excited about that part.

Wednesday is baby day!  Not sure yet on time of delivery, but I we will be at the hospital all day.  We will have our own room at the hospital, and will stay there for a couple nights until he is released.  I will be desperate to show you all pictures, but won't be able to until after papers have been signed, so you will have to patient with me.

We will then get to hang out in Louisiana until all our cross-statelines paperwork is finished so that we can legally take him out of the state.  That will cue the beginning of the long journey back home.  A trip that will take considerably longer than the trip down since we will have a 2 week old in tow.  Let's just hope he's a good rider.

I'm not sure what kind of internet connection I will have available, so I'm not sure how updated I will be able to keep the blog.  I will try to post pictures and updates to Facebook and Instagram (embehrens626) whenever I'm able though.

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