Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We made no big plans, because well, we can't really plan past the next day right now.  But we had a great weekend relaxing and enjoying ourselves.  Grandpa Bruce came down for a visit.  "K" called to see how we were doing.  Overall, a great time.

Evelyn discovered the wonder that is the sprinkler.   Yes, I make my little fair skinned beauty swim in what practically amounts to winter clothing.

Mind you, this is the child that screams and cries when you attempt to wash shampoo out of her hair ever so gently with nice warm water.  But freezing cold water blasting out of a sprinkler?  No problem.

Scott made so delicious smoked meat.  Well, everyone but Annabelle thought it was delicious.  On other occasions she has chowed down on similar food, but this day it was boycotted in fantastic toddler fashion.

Here Scott is with his lawyer face on attempting to convince a 1-year-old of the delicious attributes that smoked pork provides.

Not convinced.

Evelyn takes over trying to show her how it's done.

Grandpa, don't let them make me eat.

He's on my side!  Wrapped around my little finger.

Now that I have you, you can finish off my water for me.

And my dinner.

I win!!!  Now where's dessert?

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