Friday, June 8, 2012

The Wait Is Almost Over

We found out yesterday that little man either needs to decide to make his entrance soon, or else he will be given an eviction notice on the 20th!  That means that, at most, we only have a week and a half left of this wait!  Hallelujah!

That also means that he has defied the odds in ways neither we, the doctors, or K thought he could or would.  He will technically be considered full term if he waits that long. 

This little guy has had so many people praying for him, I can only see it as a work of God that he will get to stay in so long. 


  1. We will be in nigeria on the 19th, you'll be getting little man! Crazy-fun! Did you ever think when we were little girls playing mama and daddy, we would end up here?