Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Squishy Goodness for Ya'll

We've been in the south for a week and a half and it's creeping in...ya'll.

 I can't believe this little man is a week old.

And I can't believe how many hush puppies I've eaten.  Or how dumb founded locals are with my exuberance for them.

Sweet little Abraham is growing and growing.  He loves snuggling with his daddy and grabs a hold of his shirt even in his sleep.


Now, by growing and growing I mean maybe nearing 7 lbs.  He's wearing newborn sized pj's in that picture and clearly having some troubles filling them out.


I couldn't resist seeing how cute he would look in his newborn cloth diapers.  He only has 2 that will actually fit his twiggy legs though, so it's back to disposables for another week or two.

We miss our girls fiercely, but cuddling this little guy makes it a whole lot easier.


  1. Oh I just love these. He is so adorable!
    Do you mind if I add your blog to our list of "Comrades-in-arms" on our sidebar? :)

    1. Thank you! You are welcome to do so.


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