Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Brother

I can't quite explain how strange it was to go 15 days without my girlies.  Add to that the weirdness of having a brand new baby brother for them that they didn't get to meet until he was almost 2 weeks old.  There's a lot of things about adoption that are just different, and an adjustment, but beautiful at the same time.  Time away from them was hard, but time to sit and snuggle a newbie all day and nap whenever I needed to?  Hard to pass up. 

Their arrival home was pretty fun though.

There is some serious baby brother love up in here.

Evelyn is infatuated.  Completely and utterly head over heals for this little guy. 

She talks about him all day long.  When we are out in public she makes sure everyone knows he's her baby brother.  Adorbs.

Annabelle is aware of him.  She's ok with him.  She finds him interesting and kind of cute.  But she is much more concerned about the fact that mommy is back.  And any attempts that mommy tries to make to leave her side are somewhat disastrous.  It's improving a little though. 


  1. seriously so beautiful! thanks for sharing:) love Katie

  2. Beautiful pictures and loved the blog. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing! Peggy

  3. So beautiful and very happy for you all!