Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blogs of Note

When I joined the ranks of adoption blogs at Circle of Moms in a race to be in the Top 25, I had no visions of actually making the Top 25.  I'm just happy to be in the top half of those listed. 

While perusing the list though, I found some amazing new blogs to follow.  The wisdom that some of these women share is truly enlightening.  I've started following blogs by moms who have adopted multiple times, those written by moms who have placed children for adoption, and those by adults who were adopted as children.  I love the multitude of perspectives it provides me as we start out on this journey.

Just this morning my heart felt so full as I thought about where we might be a year from now.  I truly feel that God gave our family a heart for adoption and has filled it to the brink with joy over the whole process.

One of the blogs I've really enjoyed is Storing Up Treasures.  This mom has 11 children (a combo of biological and adopted).  Eleven.  Some days having two rocks my world.  Ok, most days.

But anyway, on her blog she has a list of other blogging moms where I have found yet more blogs to follow.  And now Finding Mercy is going to get to be added to the list!  Excitement. 

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