Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Actual Conversations At Our House

Me: Evelyn, you need to put on some clothes.
Evelyn: We have friends coming over?
Me: No, we don't just wear clothes when people are coming over.  Most people wear clothes all the time.
Evelyn: Oh.   
Resumes running around naked despite my efforts to continually put clothes on her for the remainder of the day.

Me: Evelyn, if you have to go brown poopy you need to do it in the potty upstairs.
Evelyn: Why?
Me: That's the rule.
Evelyn: Why?
Me: Remember yesterday when Bella found brown poopy in your potty and started eating it...
Yes, that really happened.

Evelyn: I need something.
Me: What do you need?
Evelyn: Something to eat.  I can't say it.
Me: You can't say it?
Evelyn: No.  I can't say it, but I want it.
Me: Show me what you want.
Evelyn: Shows me the pistachios.  I can't say that.

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