Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Half Decade Hubs!

5 years!  Woot!

It really has been a crazy fun five years.  When we got married we were living in Des Moines, I was getting ready to do a semester of student teaching, and Scott was in law school.  I then graduated and got a job as an 8th grade teacher (total God thing huge blessing to be hired mid-year).  About a year later we got pregnant with Evelyn.  That May Scott graduated law school, got a job in Kansas City, we moved, he studied for a passed the bar, started his new job, and 2 weeks later we had our first daughter.  Now we have two darling little girls and are working on being paper pregnant for our third via domestic transracial adoption.  I told you it's been a crazy 5 years.

But I wouldn't want to have gone through all of it with anyone but my man.  I love him like crazy.

Here we are up in Iowa before a friend's wedding....

and here we are in the car acting like it's us that just got married.  Well, I'm pretending, Scott's just smiling.  He loves my weirdness. 

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  1. Thanks for the post doll. I love you too - even if you did post some awful looking pictures of me!


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