Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am privileged

I am privileged.

Those of you who read this blog have gained an insight into the extraordinary woman who I am honored call my wife. You know that she fears God and loves others. You can see the joy that her role as a wife and mother brings. You witness her ingenuity and skill. You experience her struggles. In knowing a woman of such splendor, if only in part, you are also privileged.

And if you are privileged, though you share in my beloved's life in part, how privileged am I? For I have been forever placed at her right hand - leading, learning, loving, and being loved. Humbly, I have been blessed to share in Elizabeth's life in a way no one else ever has or will. Amongst creation, I alone am privileged to share in the innermost joys, hopes, sorrows, and fears of a woman so lovely. I alone am privileged with such intimate knowledge of how my dearest wife's life is being redeemed year by year and day by day.

The undeserved and complete access I have been given is received with uncontrollable joy.

Elizabeth, you captivate me. I cherish each moment we share together - no matter how great or small, joyful or sorrowful, silly or serious. I am warmed by the love we share, and I continue to be amazed as you are graciously revealed to me. It is a privilege to walk with you anew each day.

I am privileged.



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