Monday, March 28, 2011

Feeling Out of Shape???

Full disclosure: I'm writing this post while munching out of a bag of chips. 

This has nothing to do with my staying in shape abilities though, thankfully.  And I have no fitness tips for you.

But, if you are wanting to get in shape, live in the KC area, and have no idea how to start, I do have a great opportunity for you!

My friend Tara is a personal trainer (and a rocking one at that).  I swear that she could get anyone's butt in gear if given the opportunity. 

In her sweetness she has offered to help us with our adoption efforts as well.  She will be taking on 5 clients that are referred to her via me, or this blog, or my lovely readers, and donate the proceeds to our adoption!!  Yay!

It is $45 for a single session or she will do a special of three sessions for $99.

Send an email my way or comment on this post and I will get you in touch with her!

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