Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafting Gifts

I've been posting a lot on adoption lately, but I promise, there are other things going on in our lives right now as well. :)

Evelyn turns 3... in about 6 months. But I've already started plotting her birthday gifts. I decided to give her a primarily homemade birthday. She's getting her very own little grocery store. I have shelves and storage bins bought, but now I want to make play food for her. It's quite the undertaking, thus the need to start in March.

I'm making all the goodness out of wool felt. So far I only have a couple grocery sacks....

and some crackers.

I'm obsessed with those little crackers. They are tedious to make as it's all hand sewing, but the cuteness is just too much!!!

They are photographed on my fabric cutting board. The grid is 1" squares to give you an idea of their actual size.

My goal is to make another grocery sack and 6 more crackers. Then I need to make some kind of box for the crackers. I also want to make a bag of chips, a whole chicken (crazy, I know), and some pasta.

I will post some more pictures when I accomplish some other things. It takes me about 15 minutes to make a single cracker though, so it might be a while.

Oh yes, and if these things intrigue you and you think your little one would have fun with them stay tuned. I may be selling some of my little creations to fund-raise for our home study. Well never mind that whole "not about adoption" thing at the beginning...


  1. adorable! etsy shop calling your name...

  2. Liz, I would love to help you make some food. Do you remember that knot doll I made when we were kids where I took yarn and just kept tying knots for each body part and then asked mom to sew them together to make the doll? I'm so very talented...I'm surprised you haven't even asked me to help yet.