Monday, March 7, 2011

Up in the Air

I'm trying hard to keep my focus and heart where they need to be in terms of the adoption. Every time I read something about the upheaval in the E***** adoption system I am either encouraged that we will be able to move forward or discouraged that it just may not be possible for us.

The one constant in this though is that my first and foremost concern is that orphans are cared for.

There are a lot of tales of corruption coming from E******* right now. They are trying to get it fixed. They are trying to make it right. That is the most important thing.

On Friday we have a meeting with our representative/social worker with the agency to discuss all this. We will then decide whether we can move forward with E*******. It may be that we need to walk away for a little while (from E******* adoption, not adoption in general). It pains me to think of that, but again, my higher priority is making sure orphans are properly cared for, not that I get to bring one home to snuggle.

I could ramble on about my thoughts on all this for a while, but I will spare you all. Please keep praying for us that we would know what is best.

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