Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Evelyn!

My crazy little girl is now 2 1/2.

I was just commenting to Scott the other day that she is starting to look more and more like a little girl and less and less like a toddler.  

Height: 2 feet 11.25 inches
Weight: 27 lbs. 10 oz.
Clothing Size - 2T for bottoms, 2T or 3T for tops
Teeth: All four of her 2-year molars have broken through!

New Things: Staying dry overnight most of the time, peddling her tricycle, trying to jump high enough to touch the moon, having enough hair for a ponytail, getting to play in the backyard by herself (it's fenced in), and discovering Calliou and Dinosaur Train on PBS.

Favorites: Monkey shirt and jammies, going to Iowa, her cousins, yogurt with raisins, horses, dinosaurs, kissing Bella, taking baths, and chocolate chips.

Things She's Learned: She loves animals and knows the names of a ton of them (from cows and geese to owls and lemurs), all of the basic colors, can count to 9, and can sing her own version of the alphabet. Her interest in learning letters is a new thing over the last month, before that she couldn't have cared less when I tried to show her what different letters were. Now she suddenly has decided she wants to learn what they are, what sound they make, and how to write them. Right now she will tell you E is for Evelyn, M is for mommy, and the letter T (??) and can pick those three out from her letter magnets.

We have our first appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist and a nutritionist for Evelyn next week so that we can hopefully find some ways to help her with her Celiac issues. I'll be sure to update with what happens!


  1. Wow, does she look like Scott or what? And yes, she's starting to look like a little lady. Love the pictures!

  2. So glad you have a blog. I miss you guys and can't believe how big the girls are getting. Just love reading about your family through this site. Evelyn is such a little lady! Love you guys!