Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poof Tutorial

These really are simple to make.  I promise.  I made mine out of felt because, hello, I have a lot of it on hand.  It's also nice because felt doesn't fray at the ends like most fabrics do.  You can buy it pretty inexpensively if you don't want the high-quality wool or wool-blend variety.  

If you want to make a lot of poofs, I recommend buying the felt by the yard instead of in the little 9 x 12 sheets as it comes out a lot cheaper.  If you just want to make the little tiny ones for hair accessorizes, stick with the little sheets because you can get them for a quarter on sale and you don't need much.

 For reference, the above photo is a large half poof.

 These are large full poofs.

And these are mini half poofs.

Are we all straight on that?  Fabulous!


Felt in your choice of color/s
Sewing scissors
needle and thread
Something circular to trace (I've used cups, plates, circular post-it notes, and toys)
ballpoint pen

Step 1: Trace circles on your felt.  You will need 5 for small half poofs, 6 for large half poofs, and 8 for full poofs.

Step 2: Cut them all out.

Step 3 & 4: (for small half poofs) One of your circles will be your base.  Fold another one of your circles in half, and then in half again.

Sew it onto your base circle by putting a few small stitches at the point of your folded circle into the center of your base circle.  Repeat with your remaining 3 circles.

Step 3 & 4: (For large half poofs).  Follow step 3 and 4 for small poofs.  With your remaining circle, fold it in half then half again.  Sew it onto the center of your base to add more between the other 4.  

Step 3 & 4: (For full poofs)  All 8 of your circles will need folded in half and half again, there is no base circle.  Pile them all in a big stack facing the same direction.

Sew through the pointed end of all 8 of them a couple times so that they are good and secure.  Knot your thread off as tightly as possible.  

Step 5: Fluff them up!

Now go find something that needs poofs.

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