Friday, August 19, 2011

And Then There Was Change

I've decided that Scott and I love to add big changes to our lives in clusters.  None of this nicely spread out business that makes the change easier.  Oh no.  Throw it all together at once.

The last instance of this was when Scott accepted his current job.  We moved to a new state.  He took the bar exam.  He started his new job.  We had a baby.  All within 3 months.  Crazy I tell ya.

So here we go again.  Our home study will be finished next week.  We will hopefully be going active with the adoption the start of next year.  So what do we decide to do?  Buy a 100 year old house to renovate!  This was not in OUR plan.  God tends to laugh at our plans though.  And I'm excited that God's plan for us involves me getting a renovated kitchen.  Yay God. 

So here's our beauty. 

We close in about a month and then the gutting, painting, building, and mold removal begins.  If you know how to paint, you may not want to let on because I will inevitably rope you into at least one coat in one of the many room that need some love. 

Case and point...

The ORANGE!!!!  I'm blinded!  That's supposed to be our relaxing, tranquil love den master bedroom.

And to add to the awesomeness, meet the neighbors.

Chickens.  My crunchiness is so excited about this.  As is my 2-year-old.  "Let's go see the chi-uns!"  I foresee many days standing outside watching chickens.  I can handle that.  We'll call it home schooling. 

Besides the kitchen that will be big enough to actually do some proper cooking in (woot!), this is the other room I'm thrilled about.  It's the attic.  And it will be a play room.  A huge space devoted to toys.  Maybe my living room will cease to look like a day care exploded all over it by 9:00 each morning.  These are dreams I have.  We'll see what actually happens though. 


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you all! (I can paint, by the way...You just have to catch me when I have time!)

  2. I think orange is starting to grow on me!