Monday, August 22, 2011

Actually, By Law I Can and Some Outdoor Fun

There is absolutely no connection I can make between these two topics, but they are both going in this post.  So if you're trying to make sense of it, don't bother.

Part of this whole buying and renovating a 100 year old house thing involves lots of home improvement stores and shopping.  This is a fun adventure for me, particularly when I don't have to try to do so with a 1 and 2-year-old in tow.

Last night was not such an occasion.  Scott and I were looking at appliances at Nebraska Furniture Mart with both our girlies, neither of which wanted to be there.  Inevitably, Annabelle got hungry and wanted to nurse.  No big deal.  I've nursed at NFM before upstairs on the comfy couches.  We were downstairs though and I really didn't want to trek all the way up there, I just wanted to get back to evaluating refrigerators.  So I wandered toward the stairs looking for somewhere suitable.  There I found a large circular desk for sales associates with a table and 4 padded chairs behind it that was clearly for customers to use while ordering something.  It wasn't currently being used and there was only one employee at the desk, a young woman.

I walked up to her and asked if I could sit in the chairs as I just needed to nurse my daughter real quick-like.  She got very flustered.  Her response was to tell me that I couldn't nurse there, but that they had special restrooms set aside for that.  First off, I won't hide in a bathroom to nurse.  Where in the world are you supposed to sit?  On a toilet?  The floor?  Ewwwww.  I'll pass.

So I responded in a super nice and sweet voice because I was not trying to ruffle feathers, simply to inform, that actually by law, I could nurse anywhere that I was personally allowed to be.  So I was just wondering if I was allowed to sit on those chairs. 

If she looked flustered by my original question, it was nothing compared to how worried she got now.  She said she didn't know anything about that, but that I could go ahead and do whatever.  She later offered me a bottle water.

I've never had this kind of occurrence happen before and I have been nursing for almost 3 straight years.  I've nursed in just about every locale imaginable without issue.  Thankfully she didn't make a big deal of it, although I think I scared her to death when I pulled the law card. 

N3WAYZ... (I had to throw that in.  For some reason I was thinking about one of my former 8th grade students who would include that very word in papers she would hand in.  If you can't figure out what in the world it is you can declare yourself officially old.  Just kidding.  Kind of.)  We've loved having it cool down just enough to be able to get outside.

Evelyn thinks it has cooled down considerably and insists on wearing winter pajamas outside in 90 degree weather.  That child is so independent and strong-willed that I've decided she will one day either change the world or land herself in prison.  Dear Jesus...

Bring on the wagon rides!

I love seeing the sister-love.

And the mis-matched pajamas.

Look!  I made it into a picture!  I realized you hardly ever see my face on this blog, you just have to listen to my ramblings.  So here is what I look like most days.  No make-up.  Wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants because you just never know when you might decide to work out.  Not that I ever actually decide to do such a crazy thing, but hey, it could happen.

Another scissor incident.  We are dealing with some serious exerting of independence at our house.  Pray for us.  It may do Scott and me in one of these days.  The latest thing is deciding to un-potty train herself.  No joke.  If I have to clean up any more pee I will put that child back in diapers until she's 10.  And she took this picture herself.

I know I promised a poof tutorial.  I will arrive in the next couple of days.  Today during nap time has been declared crafting time!

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  1. Sam cut a hole in his pjs at that age too!! HAHA! Hang in there, sis!