Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1~ Evelyn has a new tooth! It has been a rough ride while it's been coming out, so hopefully now that it has poked through life will return to normal. It's on the top too by the way.

2~ I found a few more pictures from Memorial Weekend that I wanted to put up. Here's some more of our relaxing time in the hot tub.

3~ When we were up in Iowa I got to hang out with my friend Molly from high school and her son Will who is about 2 months older than Evelyn. The two of them sort of played together. :)

4~ On Sunday we went to Omaha for my cousin Callie's graduation party and took a few hours to head north a little ways to Fremont to visit some really good friends of ours, Chris and Katie. They have a small acreage with several horses and cats, which was a new experience for Evelyn! But first, you have guess from this first picture which one of these strapping boys lives on a farm and which in the city???

5~ Can we PLEASE go outside and play?!?

6~ We've been working on this and today she finally did it on her own for the first time...

Evelyn...How big are you???

Soooo BIG!

7~ Hotel Behrens is now officially open for the summer. You really can't beat our rates. If you would like to reserve the guest room suite please let us know! The only weekends that are set that we for sure won't be home are July 25-26, August 8-9, and Sept. 5-6.

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