Thursday, April 30, 2015

Violence Being the Answer

When the Royals are being mistreated, we cheer that they are fighting back.  You have to show the other team that you won't put up with not being respected, right?  If some punches need thrown, so be it.
"We've got to have each other's backs," outfielder Jarrod Dyson explained. "If you come at us, we're not going to back down. We're going to keep playing the game our way."
 And the Royals fans applaud.  YES!  We won't take being maltreated lying down.  We have to show others that we deserve that respect.

The Royals violent response has purpose.  It will keep them from being wrongly viewed in the future.  It will make positive change.

Just don't tell that to the protestors in Baltimore.  Their violence has no purpose.  Violence accomplishes nothing, the other side says.  It makes you a thug who doesn't care about yourself or your neighborhood.

We are happy to condone violence as a country.  You just need to be the right color, have the right socio-economic status, and have a worthy cause behind you like sports.

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