Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Is Coming

I almost tattooed magnolia blossoms on myself one year.  But who am I kidding?  I'm not the kind of person that commits to a tattoo.  I know myself and my fleeting tastes too well to commit to something like that.

But winter is hard on me.  Not just this winter, which really, if problems could only come when it's beautiful out I would appreciate that.  Please and thank you.

So spring has always carried huge significance for me.  The cold hard ground of winter still exists.  But for some reason, even in the midst of that, spring plants fight against that and crawl out of the ground.  You watch them and fear that another freeze is going to do them in.  But they keep at it anyway.  Putting out buds, shooting up sprouts.

That's what spring feels like for me this year more than ever.  A fight against the freeze of this winter. Willing life to push through.  Knowing the sunshine is coming and it's worth working for.

And every spring I reconsider that tattoo idea.  This year it has shifted beyond just wanting a leafless branch covered in blossoms.  Now I want it to say the word "hope".  I probably won't be brave enough, but it's a nice thought.  Because with spring, comes hope.

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  1. That is so true. I was only able to commit when my mom died and I wanted to do a memorial tattoo for her. Now I want another.