Friday, January 18, 2013

Apologies for Being Vague

Let's start with some positive news.  Abraham is 7 months old this coming weekend.  He's gaining weight (15 lbs. .5 oz!) on his new feeding regimen (hypo-allergenic formula) and seems to be stopping spitting up (my laundry thanks him). 

But now there's some other stuff going on in our world with him.  I really don't like drama.  I'm ok with life being boring, so I don't like having to keep posting about crazy things going on in his life. I can't get into much for details, because as much as this blog feels like my tiny little corner of the universe, it's actually very public and searchable.  I've wanted to keep people updated, but wasn't sure how to do so without giving out more information than I should, but also not just feeding the drama.  I would like you all to know what we're up against right now though because it's hard on us.  It's affecting our days and our minds are distracted.

So it will have to suffice to say that we are trying to get Abraham's adoption finalized and it's not going as smoothly as we would hope.  Things have gotten a little bit complicated.  K (biomom) is still wonderful, supportive, and wants this.  Abraham doesn't only have one birthparent though, sooooo there's that.  Things over the next week could either go really smoothly or it could become a battle.  So vague.  So sorry.

Here's what you can do dear friends.  Pray for us.  Pray for Abraham.  Pray that his story doesn't have to be messy and that everyone involved would have clarity of mind about what is best for him.  Pray that we would find our hope in Christ alone and let him fill us and not our circumstances. 


  1. Been there too girl...with Hayes adoption. Feel free to email and bounce questions or vent. We ended up in front of a judge with CPS, bmom, bgrandparents, bgreat-grandparents but God showed up and we walked out holding our precious son. Faith in Him is always victorious!

    Oh, I completely forgot last time I commented, but oh my stinkin' cute is he! He is giving me some crazy baby fever much to Randy's dismay! Ha!

  2. Thinking of you all. Praying it's not a battle.