Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Abraham: 3 Months

I never got a two month post up for sweet babes because this was happening.  But, he's healthy now!

So here we go.  3 months.

You've almost reached 12 pounds little peanut.

You still love being worn by mom above all else.  Although eating comes in a close second. 

You hold yourself up on your tummy really well.

You giggle, and I completely turn to mush inside. 

Smiles are pretty easy to come by.

Sleep, however, is not quite as easy.  You are king of the 45 minute nap silly boy.  You're only up 2-3 times a night after a long stretch of sleep at the beginning.  You still prefer to swaddled. 

I love you more than I thought possible.  You fit so beautifully into our family that I can't imagine my days without you.

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  1. OMG the eyelashes! I love him. BTW - Hailey is Queen of the 45 minute nap...*sigh* and so we enter the 3-4 month stage where naps are such a struggle!


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