Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Evelyn: 4

 Evelyn turned 4 at the end of September, and it was one big, pink, sparkly princess kind of day. 

My oldest is really growing up.  She's leaving toddlerhood behind and becoming quite the little girl.

She requested pancakes with berry sauce for breakfast.  Peanut butter and jelly for lunch.  And bacon wrapped dates, cold chicken bones, and french fries for supper.

A strawberry cake with a crown on top was also requested. 

I asked her the same set of questions I asked her last year with a few new ones at the end. 

Who is your best friend?  Pela

What is your favorite color? Pink

What is your favorite animal? cheetah (not sure why she said that, it's usually horses and elephants)

What is your favorite thing to do?  playing at the park

What is your favorite thing to wear?  my dandelion dress (although I would argue that she prefers pajamas or her swimsuit as that is what she is in most days)

What is your favorite food?  hot dogs

What is your favorite TV show?  Calliou and Angelina Ballerina

What is your favorite thing to do in Iowa?  play with Max

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?  go to work with him

What is your favorite thing to do with mommy?  take care of Abraham

What do you want to be when you grow up?  doctor

What should I tell people about you on my blog?   That I like flowers.  And rainbows.  And bracelets.

She was able to blow out her own candles for the first time ever!  Yay for speech therapy and overcoming some of her fine motor mouth difficulties.  I teared up.  Over candles.  She's pretty special.

A few other favorites in her life are Strawberry Shortcake, unicorns, puzzles, riding her bike, doing crafts, pretending she's a princess, and writing letters to daddy.  She will color a picture and then dictate the words to me.  My favorite one is on the fridge and says this:

Dear Daddy,
I love your for shorts.  For porch.
Like bracelets, I love you.
But I don't know what.
Love, Evelyn

We  love you for shorts too, Evelyn.

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  1. Aww, Happy Birthday Evelyn! We share the best birthday month ever! And at least her love of pork products is consistent with last year's questions :)