Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When We Weren't Dealing With Staph and Zinc

...summer happened.  Here's a glance back at all things non-illness that happened over the last few months.

Scott started doing date night with the girls.  It's a big hit.

These two became really good buddies.  They have a really amazing bond.

We went to Iowa and Abraham got to meet some more family.

We managed to get all of our children, niece, and nephews all in one photo.

This one turned two.

We hosted lots of get togethers.

Learned how unexciting it is to travel with three children in the car for hours.

Visited the KC acquarium.

Some lovely friends hosted a baby shower for me.  Much appreciated.

Four generations of Behrens men got into one photo.

We went to Adventureland.

Annie learned she doesn't like rides in general, particularly water ones.

Abraham discovered that there are animals above his head in his swing.

We managed to have a date night.

We figured out how to get us all dressed and out the door for church and I got to dress Abraham like his daddy.

The girls started sharing a bed and room and therefore started getting up REALLY early.

This beautiful girl turned four!

She got her first two-wheeler.

And convinced mommy to drop her prior non-Disney princess house convictions.

We will miss summer, but I will try to embrace my sweaters. 


  1. Seriously love Father / Daughter date night...my heart melts :)

  2. I agree - the father/daughter date nights brought tears to my eyes - we might have to start those in our house too! So sweet!

  3. Love Daddy/Daughter dates! As soon as Jon found out we were having a girl he mentioned he wanted to do that too! :)