Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Messy, but Here It Is

This last week has been absolutely CRAZY.  I never want to move ever, ever again.  It's one thing to accomplish it as a young couple, but throw two crazy kids and a 100-year-old house that needs renovations into the mix...ay yi yi. 

So it's messy.  And it's not completely unpacked.  And nothing is hung on the walls.  But it's livable and it's starting to feel like home.  And I'll pretend I didn't almost start crying when I dropped off my key to the old house yesterday.  I love this house so much more than our old rental, but that was HOME.  It was home for a lot of things including the birth of Annabelle.  Sniff, sniff.  Moving on.

Here is your first little tour of our home. 

Front door.  Yes, I decorated for Christmas before I was even half unpacked.  I <3 Christmas. 

If you take a right when you come in the house you see our living room, complete with hot glue gun on the floor because I was up crafting last night instead of cleaning.

The Christmas tree that was the perfect size for our little abode when it was purchased now looks a bit Charlie Brownish with our high ceilings. 

Evelyn thought the bungey cord looked like an ornament hook.  And Elmo looks like he's being subject to some kind of torture beneath the tree.  So there you have it. 

If you take a left from the front door you see our dining room. 

And my beloved kitchen.  When you have to make almost all your food at home from scratch, a spacious kitchen becomes a huge luxury. 

Check out my designer backsplash. 

Off of the dining room is the mud room/ laundry room.  I told you it was messy. 

Now heading upstairs.  At the top of the stairs straight ahead is the bathroom.

To the left is the master bedroom that doubles as an office.

To the right are the girls' rooms. 

Off of Evelyn's room is what we refer to as the annex.  It has become a bit of a catch-all. 

Headed up to the third floor now is the toy room.  This room makes me all kinds of happy.  All these toys are no longer in my living room.  Score.

Off the toy room is the guest room. 

And here's what the areas I didn't photograph look like.  It will all get clean, eventually.


  1. beautiful! LOOOOOVE the kitchen! good work on the renovations.

  2. Looks so amazing! *LOVE LOVE LOVE* the kitchen!!!!

  3. Oh, Liz, this looks soooo beautiful!!!! I can't believe how different it looks from when we were there! It looks so homey and cozy mixed with the old house guys did an AWESOME job! Everything - so great! Love it! Can't wait to come visit!!

  4. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! It's beautiful!!

  5. An absolutely beautiful home- I am sure you will have a very special holiday. Love the kitchen, charming century home features, and really love the toy room. :)