Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Snowfall

This has been a much anticipated day in our house.  Evelyn has been talking about snow since we bought a winter coat for her a couple months ago.  The only way I could convince her to even try the coats on was to let her know they were to stay warm in the snow.  Therefore, every time we put the coat on her, she asked if it was going to snow. 

When I looked out the window this morning and saw snow, I ran downstairs to tell her and see her reaction.  Usually I stay in bed a little longer (my husband is a saint) to savor some kid-free time in the morning, but I did not want to miss this.  She did not disappoint.  She ran around the house in a rather spastic manner, thrilled to see snow on the ground. 

So before daddy even left for work the girls were decked out A Christmas Story style to check out the first snow of the year.

Belle would just cry if you left her because she couldn't balance well enough in all her garb to follow after you.  I shouldn't have laughed at her, but I did.

Checking it out.
Tentatively standing on the porch, unwilling to attempt steps in her bulky state.

My nose is cold.  What is this?

Hi Mom!  I'm adorable!

Evelyn made snow angels...

cleaned off the steps...

and ate the snow.
Annabelle stood in one spot for a long time.

She eventually decided to get in on the fun.

Attempt at a posed picture.

Clearly, Evelyn loves snow.

Belle and I got cold and went inside.  I told Evelyn she could stay out back though and she promptly decided to start clearing snow off of everything out there.

I'm still trying to figure out my new camera.  Focus is obviously something I must work on.

There we go.

Even after she came back inside, she just wanted to stare out the window at the snow.

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  1. Super cute! I especially love the photo of Evelyn face down in the 1/4" of snow. Too funny!