Monday, October 24, 2011

Renovation Goes On, and On, and On...

You get two posts in one day.  It's because I love you all.

This weekend was a work time at the new house.  A bunch of family came down to help out.  A special shout out to the un-pictured Aunt Mary who played with my children all weekend long.

I spent all my time painting.  It's my new favorite hobby that I will never, ever want to do ever again after this house is done.  Seriously.  It's a good thing I love the colors because I'm not sure I will ever be up to repainting it.

My mom rocked the power washer on the front porch.  

My dad and the shop vac became best friends and he prepped the floors for carpet by cleaning them and pulling out hundreds of staples.

Note: the attic is now yellow and much less cave-like.

Jon became an overnight expert in plaster repair.  Which is good, because otherwise our guests would have chunks of wall falling on them while they slept.

In other news...

My felt food store has grown by popular demand to include a veggie set.  I will try to get some better pictures of the pieces soon because they are darling in person.  

I also am working on an order that requested a custom grocery bag.  I'm loving it!

Also coming soon as a regular in the shop are chicken drumsticks and french fries!

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