Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

One of my fondest memories of time with my Grandma Evelyn includes going to an apple orchard in Fort Dodge.  We got to pick out pumpkins, apple goodies, and old-fashioned candy sticks.  So spending a day at the pumpkin patch holds a special place in my heart.

Last year we started a family tradition of going to a local pumpkin patch.  We've been to two different ones now, but I have yet to pick one that I want to keep returning to.  And seriously, what is the deal down here with charging insane amounts of money just to get in and then charging additional for activities.  Craziness people.  Ugh.  Whatever.

So here was our trip.

Pumpkin patch requirement: Getting to go out and pick your own pumpkins off the vine.

We stocked up on carving pumpkins and some pie pumpkins to steam and freeze pumpkin puree.  You should never buy canned pumpkin this time of year or until your stockpile in the freezer runs out.  That sounded really bossy.  So think of it as just a suggestion. 

I'm squinting horribly in this picture.  I had sunglasses on, but Scott accidentally made fun of them.  I put them on in the car on the way there and he started saying, "Oh, you found your ...."  And then his comment went bad.  ""  See they weren't mine.  They were my moms and they had sparkles on them.  Scott doesn't appreciate the cuteness of sunglasses with sparkles on them.  He didn't mean for it to come out that way, but I give him a hard time about it anyway.  I'm just nice like that.


Getting so tall, and clearly an accurate measurement when wearing boots and not standing up straight.  Have you noticed Evelyn's odd habit?  She fiddles with her belly button.  It's her version of sucking her thumb.  I've decided not to make a deal out of it yet, but at some point it may need to stop.

Highlight of the trip for me?  Seeing Scott squeeze into the Pumpkin Express.  All kinds of fabulous.

Bella found a gourd.  She carried it the entire day and still carries it all over the house.  It's not allowed to be decoration, it's clearly her lovey.

You knew we couldn't leave without some horse riding for Evelyn.  

She had this crazy, focused look on her face the entire time.  We could NOT get her to smile.  Which is odd because, hello, she loves horses more than people I'm pretty sure.  She talks about it like she had a blast, but I think the reality of being on a horse by herself was a bit scarier than she thought it would be.  You never know when those ponies walking in a circle are going to get all crazy on you.

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  1. I LOVE this post! The girls look so adorable! What a wonderful family memory for all of you! :)